There will not be Covenants such as in V5 or the last game; however, several clans will have fraternities or secret societies within them. Fraternities or secret societies will grant minor in game bonuses but as they are secretive you will not get to know much about the bonuses beyond perhaps the first ones. These fraternities and secret societies will not be posted here as they are, well, secret.

You may be 8th Generation for free.

The group will have domain, for free. Your domain is Lambeth – this works out to a 5 dot background. You may purchase, as a group up, to 5 more dots in this background representing security or unique beneficial features – consult with me. In addition the group will own one small warehouse, mid-large sized club, or large business structure and have set up the appropriate related business/use/cover – consult with each other and with me. You may pool your resources to make this a haven if you wish or simply use it as is.

You may be any age from 1 day to 1000 but don’t expect any freebies based on that. If you are particularly old, you may want to give some thought to having spent a long stretch or a couple of mid-length or short stretches in torpor.

Attributes 9/7/5
Abilities 16/12/8 +2, only 1 skill permitted to be higher than 3 at this point in the build
Disciplines 5 in clan, 1 non-proprietary out of clan or another in clan, no discipline above 4 at this point in the build
Backgrounds 15
Virtues 7, you may start on a path that I approve
Freebie Points 20
Flaws capped at 7
XP 20

The Lambeth Board of Control

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